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At 44 Springside, Quiet is Built into The Walls, Floors and Ceilings

The stylish design and modern comforts of 44 Springside are obvious, but the apartments also offer a coveted quality you can’t see: quiet.

Sound-insulating measures built into the walls, floors and windows create peaceful homes perfect for soft-spoken conversations, an evening spent reading or late mornings lingering in bed. They’re also ideal for working from home with minimal disturbance.

And if you’re streaming your favorite action flicks or playing video games, you can enjoy them without worrying about bothering the neighbors.

Tinkelman Architecture ensured that the apartments exceed the requirements for sound-reduction because its designers were passionate about safeguarding residents’ privacy and quality of life.

In the walls and ceilings, mineral wool insulation helps block outside sound. Acoustic sound clips help prevent vibrations from moving among the wall boards, building studs and trusses. An 1/8-inch-thick acoustic mat in a 3/4-inch gypsum concrete layer over the plywood adds sound and fire protection. The MSI Everlife Prescott flooring includes a 1.5-millimeter backing pad. That premium acoustical foam further dampens sound while adding comfort when walking on the attractive floor. A final touch is wall Insulation packed around sockets and light switches, to block even more sound. In addition, the windows are from INTUS, an industry leader in acoustic and thermal insulation.

In short, carefully planned sound-reduction measures in 44 Springside’s walls, floors and ceilings enhance residents’ peaceful days, pleasant nights and overall solitude and privacy.

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