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Our commitment to sustainability creates a healthier, happier home for you, and promotes a cleaner environment for all.


Bamboo flooring, corn silk carpeting and additional amenities reflect Tinkelman Architecture’s mission to create comfortable spaces for sophisticated living while remaining environmentally conscious. In every residential unit, Tinkelman Architecture used low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials, which preserve higher air quality by decreasing the amounts of chemicals emitted as gases.

The attractive bamboo flooring is Certified GREENGUARD Gold, meeting strict standards for VOCs and for enhancing the environment. Even with its warm look, bamboo is actually not wood, but a hardened grass whose boards are more durable than those made from many types of trees. When harvested, bamboo grows back rapidly and does not require replanting as trees do.

Other VOC products include the corn silk carpeting, a natural, durable, stain-resistant and beautiful choice for comfortable flooring. Latex paint and vinyl composition tile also emit only low levels of VOCs, and the tile and grout are inert materials that do not break down.

These environmentally responsible construction complements the sustainable nature of the entire Van Wagner Place neighborhood, where homes, businesses and places for relaxing, close to shops and restaurants, blend beautifully into one highly desirable haven.

Bike Storage

With a bike-friendly neighborhood and the Dutchess County Rail Trail nearby, Van Wagner Place offers the convenience of indoor bike storage on the property. Explore the neighborhood and beyond, to see where you can travel sustainably.


Van Wagner Place’s location in the heart of Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley makes it a prime location for commuting to New York City and surrounding areas. To encourage public transportation, parking spaces will be available to residents of Van Wagner Place at the Poughkeepsie Train Station, which offers both Amtrak and Metro-North services. Parking spaces will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The train station also offers bicycle parking. Nearby you will also find access to the City of Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County Public Transit bus system.


Rain Gardens
Three beautifully landscaped rain gardens will store and reintegrate stormwater into the ground, reducing runoff.

Street Lights
Streets will be lighted with attractive street lighting which is positioned and focused to limit light pollution above the fixture and elsewhere.

Native Planting
Landscaped areas will feature native plantings, which thrive with less water and modest care.

Permeable Pavement
Permeable pavement captures and stores stormwater, limiting off-site discharge of runoff.

Sustainability Creates Healthier, Happier Homes

Bike Storage
Commuter Parking
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